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Britcon UK Ltd ethos is to promote a culture of learning and knowledge through partnerships with schools, colleges and universities.

We are extremely proud of our achievements and our aim is to encourage the next generation of QS’s, Estimators, Project and Site Managers. 

Our commitment to the development and progression of individuals is key to us and our structured support means we can expand and enhance learning and knowledge throughout.

We do this through a number of processes, some of which are shown below.


Apprenticeships are an ideal way to development your skills and progress your career. 

Britcon believes in the future generation taking us forward, that’s why we actively encourage our teams on and off site, to look at the opportunities available to apprentices whilst preparing for a new project.

We believe apprenticeships are an important way of bringing a diverse range of talented people into the company and the construction industry. 

There are so many benefits to being an apprentice;

First-hand experience gained.  When you start an apprenticeship, you will learn your trade from an experienced Britcon team member.  You will work with someone who’s an expert and who will help you learn how to be an expert too. 

A skill you can use. Jobs that start with an apprenticeship are highly skilled, and they are in high demand.  After all, not everyone can be an engineer!  It takes specialised training, which you’ll gain through your apprenticeship.  Once you’ve completed the apprenticeship, you’ll have credentials that will be valued anywhere you go.

Earn while you learn.  People don’t usually get paid to learn something new!  But as an apprentice, you’ll learn a new skill and get paid while you learn.

As well as supporting in-house, we encourage our supply chain and offer support through apprentice uptake on projects they and we are working on.

Educational Engagement

Let’s talk, we can help students by answering those questions first-hand.

We have a well-established team with a wealth of knowledge and believe it’s important to share this within our Universities, colleges and schools. 

Regularly, we have 'year out' students with us from Universities and Colleges In 2017, for example, we had 3 university students and 1 recent school leaver with us to gain work experience on site and in the office. We are keen to ensure everyone who comes to us gains experience throughout the business. We invest time to ensure those in the office are taken to site to learn about our projects first hand and visa versa for site based students.

We have provided a number of talks to students giving them a first hand opportunity to learn about our industry.  Talk to us if you would like to discuss any support you would like for your students.

“I would just like to say a big thank you to Britcon for the brilliant site visits you laid on for us. Speaking to the students, they were unanimous in saying how useful it was to them, how illuminating and informative. I’ve been teaching some of them today and already I can see a difference in their attitude and outlook.” John Bradley, Senior Lecturer School of Built Environment and Engineering Leeds Beckett University.

School partnerships

Working together we can help provide the right guidance early on.

Career Conventions are a great way for school students to explore a chosen career area and further education plans by speaking directly with representatives from their chosen career path. 

If you would like us to have a stand at your careers convention at your school/academy, please do get in touch.  

We have a wide range of experience we would be happy to share. 

Opportunities within Education

Britcon actively get involved in educational conference which are catered for schools and their pupils.  

Britcon has taken part in TeenTech over the past few years.

TeenTech is an event day which opens students eyes to the possibilities of careers in science, engineering and technology at all levels. 

Working together with Futureworks, students usually take part in the ‘Futureworks Challenge’ which is based around a ‘Crystal Maze’ type activity which includes various zones. 

TeenTech was a great event for Britcon UK Ltd to be involved with.  We are continually looking for ways to support the construction industry through inspiring the next generation and events such as TeenTech helps us achieve this goal.

In addition to TeenTech, Britcon's Operational team supported YORcivil activities at the 'The Big Bang', held at the NEC Birmingham, an event focused on encouraging children (of various ages) to take an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The YORcivil's challenge aimed to encourage interest in the construction industry, and consisted of a construction themed quiz, with a prize awarded to the highest scoring school.

Again, 'The Big Bang' was an opportunity for us to engage with potentially future contributors to the construction industry.

We believe by working together with schools, academies and universities, everyone benefits.  Please do get in touch with us should you wish to discuss working with Britcon as an apprentice or partner.

Email Gemma Lennon at gemma.lennon@britcon.co.ukhighlighting ‘Britcon Academy enquiry’ in the subject title. 

We look forward to working together with you by building a future for all.