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Our Carbon Footprint and actions to reduce - Report Summary 2018

Our Carbon Footprint and actions to reduce - Report Summary 2018

After a year of recording our carbon footprint via the construct CO2 website Britcon has now established a benchmark Carbon footprint for the business as a whole.

Our total spend for CO2 between October 2017 and September 2018 was 1658 tonnes. So for every £25,000 spent as a company, we create 1 tonne of CO2.  In comparison with nearly 40 other companies that use the Construct CO2, this represents on average 7% less carbon spend per £ turnover.

Through our ongoing focus on Carbon measurement and reduction, we aim to continually reduce these emissions over the coming years through implementation of initial measures as detailed below, with a target of a 20% reduction by 2025.

  • Eco – Cabins
  • Introduction of electric car charging points
  • Car Sharing
  • Modernisation of office
  • Cycle to work scheme

Eco-Cabins offer between a 45% to 70% reduction in carbon loss from site as well as monetary savings. Also, Britcon are aiming to take advantage of solar energy on our sites and use solar panels to power these cabins to hopefully achieving a completely eco-friendly site set up.

Britcon are a forward thinking company and we know we need to start putting infrastructure in place to encourage the use of electric cars and in time, support our electric car users – as the sales of electric cars has increased by 300% in 6 years worldwide and this is expected to be a trend for years to come.

Britcon are positive in encouraging cleaner car usage and sharing car journeys but we can do more.

As an organisation, according to our ConstructCO2 statistics, we are good at sharing journeys in one vehicle. But we can encourage and enforce this more, by making it common knowledge that the drivers of the vehicle get a 5p per mile tax free allowance for sharing a journey with a passenger. Also, we can make it in to a company policy to impose vehicle sharing at every opportunity.

By installing LED lighting, we know huge savings can be achieved to our electricity expenditure.  As well as savings, we provide better lighting / working conditions to our team. We have started replacing all our lighting with our Estimating and Accounts team currently having their lighting replaced now.

Britcon have introduced a cycle to work scheme. This will hopefully encourage local employees to not use their car for their commute and cycle to and from work instead; reducing Britcon’s carbon footprint as well as a fitter/healthier workforce.

Our full Carbon Emission Data report is available on request from Dan.Grewer@britcon.co.uk.  

Please click on the link to view our Britcon Carbon Footprint Policy