Environment & Sustainability

Britcon is committed to conducting business sustainably and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Britcon aims to actively manage the three pillars of sustainability, “Social, Environmental, Economic”, by delivering projects that provide value to clients and have positive social and ecological impacts, whilst minimising wherever possible the environmental impact of our operations.

Britcon also recognises the significant environmental emergency currently facing the planet and as such is committed to meeting our morale and business obligations by managing the carbon footprint related to our operations.

So far, Britcon has been involved with various initiatives, such as signing up to Betterworld, planting trees with Ecologi and partnering with Planet Mark to measure our carbon footprint; in December 2022 Britcon achieved Planet Mark’s Carbon Neutral certification.

Following our achievement of Carbon Neutral certification through our Planet Mark membership, we are now delighted to announce the launch of Britcon Zero, our strategy for continuing to drive positive change, reduce carbon emissions and move towards our long-term target of achieving Net Zero. Britcon Zero will be an evolving strategy and will act as our framework for driving change, promoting success stories and sharing our plans and initiatives.

To truly tackle this collective issue, collaboration and education will be key themes. As such, we will continue to share information with those who are interested, and will continue to work with our employees, supply chain, clients, and any other willing stakeholders, to educate and improve.

Please use the links below to find out more about our various initiatives.