Britcon Zero

Britcon is committed to conducting business sustainably and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. Britcon aims to actively manage the three pillars of sustainability, “Social, Environmental, Economic”, by delivering projects that provide value to clients and have positive social and ecological impacts, whilst minimising wherever possible the environmental impact of our operations.

Britcon also recognises the significant environmental emergency currently facing the planet and as such is committed to meeting our morale and business obligations by managing the carbon footprint related to our operations.

Britcon Zero has been launched to complement our wider sustainability strategy, with the specific purpose of driving us along the path towards Net Zero ahead of the government’s 2050 target. It will be used to share stories of our journey so far and our plans to keep driving positive change.

To view our Britcon Zero brochure, please click the below link. 

Britcon Zero Brochure

(PDF, 2.67 MB)