Britcon is delighted to have partnered with Ecologi to help us build our portfolio of positive sustainability impacts.

Ecologi’s mission is to half the world’s emissions by 2040, and part of their efforts to achieve this is to help businesses and individuals to improve their impact on the world’s climate through initiatives such as planting trees and funding sustainable projects around the world.

To celebrate this new partnership, and to acknowledge that building a sustainable future will require a truly collective effort involving our entire team, we begun by planting one tree for each of our 90 employees.

Later, we planted a further 40 trees to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our Hunt Group sister company, Specialist Surfacing Ltd.

We recently funded our biggest round of tree planting to date, funding 480 new trees to celebrate the release of our 2021-22 financial results.

We plan to carry this forward by planting trees to celebrate events such as new starters joining our team, or key milestones with clients.

To find out more about the trees with planted with Ecologi, you can visit our dedicated page on the Ecologi website here.