Nick Martin

How long have you been involved with sports?

I was never interested in sports at a young age until I was about 11 years old where I got involved in surf life saving in Australia. This opened my eyes to the world of sport. I soon became very dedicated to training twice a day. When I returned to England in 2013 I carried on swimming and running and started to cycle more. I soon found myself competing in triathlons.

How long have you been on the race Britcon team?

4 years I think. I joined after I won Brigg sprint tri.

What’s your favourite discipline and why?

Swimming is my favourite discipline but running is my strongest.

What’s your least favourite and why?

Cycling. Because it’s my weakest.

Who are Inspirations?

I don’t really aspire to be like any other sportsman I just try to improve myself.

Top tip for a newbie?

Enjoy it!

Favourite training session?

A hard track session with the boys!!

Why did you get involved with OTCF/Britcon

A local team that strives to improve and for the love of the sport.

How did you get into triathlon?

Peer pressure! After training with mates they convinced me to enter a triathlon at Grantham. Steve presented me with a trophy for fastest newbie.

Favourite meal?

My mums Shepard’s pie!

Favourite film / series?

Top gun/Pearl Harbour

Outside of sport you love doing?

I have so many hobbies it’s hard to keep track. If I’m not training through winter I’ll often go clay pigeon shooting. I also love renovating my house and my 1949 series 1 Land Rover.

Best race performance to date

Over the years I’ve had many good races but one that sticks in my head is when I ran a 14:30 5km at the uk road championships.

Bucket list races to do

Last year I competed at Helvellyn triathlon. Although at the time I was in pain and couldn’t understand why I was doing this to myself when I finished I had such a buzz. In the future I think I would like to do Alp Duez triathlon.

Biggest sporting achievement

Competing for GB age group team in Rotterdam and Australia.