Shawnie Lovatt

How long have you been involved with sports?

Triathlon for around 1 and a half years. But I’ve been involved with other sports for about 8 years, not competitively just to keep fit.

How long have you been on the race Britcon team?

Since October 2019

What’s your favourite discipline and why?

The bike. Probably my strongest discipline now and I always feel like a women on a mission when I get on my bike 🤣 we all have a need for speed!! The bike is also a different kind of pain, more manageable, I can always push myself for longer on my bike!

What’s your least favourite and why?

I do really like them all but would have to say the swim. It’s more the apprehension and the blindness of the swim, I never know how my swims going to go. I always think when I’m running into the water that it all feels a bit surreal and it’s when I’m most nervous especially if you’re in it for the long haul.

Who are Inspirations?

Coming from a running background it’s always been Paula and still is, so determined and strong. And now triathlete inspo is Daniela Ryf - the first Kona I ever watched (before I knew what I was getting into) she won in style, so powerful and humble. Both awesome. And of course, I take inspiration from all my OTCF/Britcon team mates. Working full time, having full time lives and still finding time to train and train well.

Top tip for a newbie?

Ask the stupid questions, I learnt so much talking to other people in OTCF. and your legs do more than you think - the expensive gear helps but don’t get caught up in it.

Favourite training session?

A long run with intervals e.g 4x15 mins hard in a 14 mile run. Can’t beat the satisfaction of a good run. And I do love a good bike TT session with my wingwoman (especially if the suns out).

Why did you get involved with OTCF/Britcon

I got involved with OTCF to be part of a team, it gave me motivation and accountability and great friends. Britcon was a secret goal to be part of such a strong and well known race team. So when I was asked it was a no brainer to get involved.

How did you get into triathlon?

It started as a bit of cross training as an injury prone runner. I was never interested in cycling/swimming as a runner because I always used exercise just as a way to burn calories and running was the faster way to do that. Now it’s not about that, it’s about getting fitter and stronger and that’s what adding cycling and swimming has done. No going back now 😆

Favourite meal?

Yogurt and granola (I know I know) I have a meal sized portion.

Favourite film / series?

Dirty dancing (the film)

Outside of sport you love doing?

Booking holidays, thinking about holidays, going on holiday

Best race performance to date

Outlaw X half distance triathlon - Sept 2019. 4 hours 53 mins 50 secs. Best swim and bike time I’ve had over the distance and most enjoyable half. Great event and location.

Bucket list races to do

Kona! Challenge Roth! New York marathon! Austrian ironman! The big 5 marathon!

Biggest sporting achievement

2nd lady overall at Ironman Wales 2022, Definitely my proudest finish line. Also transitioning from a slightly obsessed gym bunny to a triathlete, this was a massive change in mindset for me.