Sophie Hedges

How long have you been involved with sports?

I have always partook in team sports since a young age. I found triathlon in 2016, I would do one sprint a year and call it a day. It wasn’t until 2019 where I started to train and find the love for distance!

How long have you been on the race Britcon team?

Since March 2022 when I was told the news on the Off That Couch Fitness tri camp at Sands beach in Lanzarote.

What’s your favourite discipline and why?

I swap and change between the three(usually the one that’s going well at the time) that’s why I think it’s good to have the options triathlon gives. If I had to pick it would be swimming, I love water! However it’s probably not my best discipline, but I find when I swim you can forget life for an hour or so and just enjoy being in the water.

What’s your least favourite and why?

Bike, I have a love hate relationship with the bike. I love going fast and I love the feeling of completing a mean OTCF workout but I’ve never been fully comfortable on a bike.

Who are Inspirations?

People that don’t say can’t, they keep going and try regardless of the time on the clock.

Top tip for a newbie?

Although it can be very daunting, try not to get overwhelmed. Everyone is so helpful in the triathlon world, they will be more than happy to assist and to answer any questions. Take each event as they come, you will learn something new from each one. Then use this knowledge to make the next one better. Don’t expect to know all the answers from one race.

Favourite training session?

Any session with sprints, I get the greatest sense of achievement from them and love that they are usually only short bursts of effort

Why did you get involved with OTCF/Britcon

I realised that to fulfil my dream of completing a full distance triathlon I would need a structured training plan. I had heard of Steve’s reputation through the Fire Service and thought this was the best option for me to achieve my goal. I took to the training well and after a few covid set backs got the honour of riding in Britcon colours for my first full distance Ironman in Wales 2022

How did you get into triathlon?

I used to work for a Blood Cancer charity in London who have been the head charity for Blenheim Palace triathlon for at least 5 years. After two years of supporting the Bloodwise athletes I thought this is a challenge for me. So in 2016 I found myself on the other side of the barriers, setting a race time I couldn’t beat for 4 years. Not even a year of training with OTCF and I beat my time by 11mins! 

Favourite meal?

My mums lasagne or a Sunday roast

Favourite film / series?

About time / Killing eve (series 1)

Outside of sport you love doing?

Traveling and exploring new places (Covid messed up my 30 countries before I’m 30 plans so on to 35 before I’m 35) Kayaking/canoeing/paddle boarding, anything on water really

Best race performance to date

Ironman Wales, everything came together for me that day. I hit my swim, bike and run goals, came 6th lady overall, 2nd in age and to top it off got to stand on the top spot of the podium with all OTCF winning the team award!

Bucket list races to do

I suppose I better put Kona or I would be lying. Breca Swim/Run in NZ would be the dream and an adventure race of some description.

Biggest sporting achievement

So far nothing has beaten that team podium finish at Ironman Wales