Steve Clark

How long have you been involved with sports?

I remember watching the 2000 Sydney Olympics with Simon Lessing and Tim Don racing. They finished 9th and 10th and that’s when I started getting into triathlon.

How long have you been on the race Britcon team?

Since it started originally it started out as the Off That Couch Fitness race team in 2012 and then in 2016 Britcon came on board as the main sponsor and have supported us ever since of which I am very grateful.

What’s your favourite discipline and why?

The run. I’m lucky enough that on most occasions when it matters I'm able to find the run I need. Ironman Wales 2012 always comes to mind as my best run after being down in 12th position after the swim and bike I managed to run a 2 hour 58 minute Marathon off the bike on a tough Wales run course to take me into the top 5 and qualify for Kona. This was also the performance that got me my GB Ironman Professional Licence so allowed me to race on the pro circuit for a season.

Who are Inspirations?

As I mentioned above Tim Don I remember watching the 2000 Sydney Olympics and I've followed Tim ever since and the fact he is still racing strong today shows his class. Last few years I've followed Lionel Sanders and Cam Wurf I like the way they attack races and of course the Brownlee brothers.

Top tip for a newbie?

Race a different race/event each year to keep it fresh. Something I was once told and I've followed that advice and I'm still in love with the sport. Learn and improve whether that be via a coach, the internet or a book do what's right for you.

Favourite training session?

The classic 20 x 400's down the track with team mates pushing each other all the way.

Favourite meal?

That’s easy Pizza followed by Tiramisu.

Favourite film / series?

Shawshank Redemption, Basketball Diaries, The Dark knight,  National lampoons Christmas vacation.

Biggest sporting achievement

Racing for Great Britain, racing at the World Champs in Kona, Gold medal at the Age Group 70.3 European Championships, being crowned British/European Quadrathlon champion,

What’s your next challenge/goal in the sport?

Marathon Des Sables 2023 252km in the Sahara Desert in 6 days self supported and then later in the year the Ironman World Championships.