A10 Footbridge

  • Sector


  • Duration

    30 Weeks

  • Location

    Cheshunt, Hertfordshire

  • Form of Contract

  • Overview

Britcon have recently completed the construction of a design and build footbridge and cycleway complete with upgraded infrastructure crossing the A10 dual carriageway in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. The construction has provided an additional crossing point from the east to the west sides of the busy A10 dual carriageway, which is one of the main arterial routes linking London with Cambridge.

Specifically, it has linked the areas of Cheshunt and Waltham Cross to the east to the new St. Mary's High School to the west, being part of a Sustrans route providing an invaluable safe link for hundreds of school children on a daily basis.

The project consisted specifically of a 35m span, 3.5m wide bridge crossing the A10 dual carriageway in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. At either side of the bridge, structural steel ramps totalling 200 m in length and weighing approximately 140 tonnes in total were fabricated and installed. This provided a Sustrans route as a footbridge and cycleway linking Cheshunt and Waltham Cross to the east with St. Mary's High School and the remainder of Cheshunt to the west. To the west, an additional 750 m of footway and bridleway, together with a bridge over the New River, were also installed as an additional contract which was won on the basis of our record and delivery of the initial project.

In addition to the main structure as detailed above, we also installed a 70m long, reinforced concrete structure to the east ramp linking the routes to the east back to that of the A10. This structure was finished with tarmacadam and brick clad to improve the aesthetics when viewed from the other side of the brook on Theobald's Lane.

Linking both structures to various existing footways were new ground bearing footways and cycleways totalling approximately 200m in length, together with improvements to various existing footways and crossings.
The construction of permanent concrete slab works and stoned maintenance areas have aided the overall appearance of the bridge and its surroundings, as well as enhancing the access for the resident farmer and any future maintenence crews who need to service the site.

400m of new fencing and gates have also been erected, both around the perimeter of the works as well as in the central reserve of the A10 itself, providing a secure environment in and around the bridge as well as preventing the general public risking life and limb by trying cross the A10 at a non designated crossing point.

The A10 has benefited also by the installation of 150m of new vehicle restraint system, protecting the new bridge piers as well as the improvements of the existing barrier system within parts of the site boundary.

The whole scheme has been illuminated with the introduction of lighting columns along its length, these vary between 5 and 10m in height to provide a constant luminance whilst crossing the bridge and ramps. Some of the adjacent lighting along the A10 has also been upgraded.

The areas which remain free from concrete, stone or steel have been landscaped to provide a natural rural habitat for wildlife, softening and improving the aesthetics of the bridge as a whole.