British Steel Project Libra

  • Sector


  • Location


  • Duration

    60 Weeks

  • Form of Contract

  • Overview

Civil Engineering works required for Project Libra at the Corus Steel plant in Scunthorpe (now TATA steel) were provided by Britcon on a 'design and build' basis.

The required works were associated with the transfer of the furnace from the Heavy Section Mill to the Medium Section Mill and the associated Cooling Bank Extension works.

Works undertaken by Britcon comprised general site preparation and service diversions, piling to the foundations for the furnace end and cooling banks, foundations for the furnace, the furnace building and cooling bank building foundations, electrical substations, hydraulic house basement, scale pit, discharge and charging roller table flumes, water treatment bank civil works, emergency water tank civil works and general civil works.

Project Libra's objectives were to enhance the Medium Section Mill to enable railway sections to be rolled to achieve a top 3 manufacturing placement for Corus in Europe.

The Medium Section Mill remained in production throughout the contract period.