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Drax Power Station in Selby is currently responsible for generating over 7% of the UK’s electricity. Following successes upgrades to the site through innovative engineering, it is now a predominantly biomass-fuelled generator.

70% of the electricity it produces – enough to power Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool – is now made using compressed wood pellets rather than coal. Recent announcements and an ambitions acquisitions programme set out targets to increase its renewable electricity supply in the UK.

Britcon has completed a 2,500 sq ft extension to the 16,500 sq ft Strategic Store that it built 9 years ago to house back up components for turbines in case of a shut down. The steel frame clad, high bay building designed to incorporate a 5T overhead girder crane, required groundworks, extensive paving and new barriers. Britcon Engineering Services (BES) designed and built the steelwork on the project at its manufacturing site in Scunthorpe.

As well as the Strategic store Britcon and BES have previously completed rail outload facilities, ash storage facilities, on site roads, switch rooms, lagoon repairs and ash pit projects all at the Drax site.