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GE Aviation

Works comprised the conversion of the existing western wing of building providing three test labs for high quality power integration testing for aircraft electrical equipment. This part of the building was unheated and used for storage. Britcon undertook a considerable amount of internal refurbishment to provide soundproofed and ventilated accommodation. High quality reception areas and conference rooms were provided in the central core area. The high quality internal environment was emulated in improvements to the external appearance of the building.

New Curved Roof

External improvement included a new curved roof to the main lab building, a new roof to the area where supporting facilities are provided and changes to the external appearance of the building by the introduction of cladding. The existing roof of the building incorporated clerestory lights over the two areas to be converted to test labs. The condition of the roof and lights was poor with considerable evidence of water ingress and moss accumulation, indicating ponding. The new roof allows for the necessary plant associated with the test labs to be installed on a mezzanine floor area.

The heat generated by GE’s aerospace equipment testing at full electrical loadings (used on aircraft and a 3MW generator that supplies the power) meant that special measures were taken to ensure this was dispersed effectively. The new mezzanine area provides naturally collected flexible space.