Grain store - Flamborough

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    28 Weeks

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The 24,00-tonne storage, dying and cleaning complex, built at Muntons malt manufacturer's Flamborough site near Bridlington, was set up to protect the continuity of supply and demand for quality British malting barley.

English Farming and Food Partnership brokered a deal between Muntons Malt and two farmer co-operatives - Openfield and Grain Co - to build the complex, which promises some significant environmental benefits. The barley drier alone is said to cut CO2 emissions by around 650 tonnes per year compared with farm-based drying.

A new company, Muntons Malt Supply Chain, will operate the site and it has already secured new contracts with farmers and Muntons, major distilling and brewing customers.

Muntons' general manager Guy Newsam said: "We are proud to be a major player for an innovative solution for the secure movement of quality malting barley. The key aim of the MMSC is to help growers understand the requirements of all partners in the brewing industry and deliver smart supply chain solutions."

Britcon's work comprised site access roadways, intake and cleaner building infrastructure, drainage and interception pits, 6 heavily reinforced concrete silo bases, weighbridge infrastructure and numerous foundations, support pads and ductways.