NLC Riparian Watercourse Emergency Works, Goxhill

  • Form of Contract

    Form of Contract


  • Client


    NLC Council

  • Architect


    NLC Council

  • Engineers


    NLC Council

  • Programme


    4 Weeks

  • Completion


    May 2021

Works Scope

Emergency works contract to alleviate area flooding to the village of Goxhill and surrounding areas. Clearance of the Riparian Watercourse and installation of a new 600mm diameter culvert.

  • Principal Contractor
  • Traffic management and NRASWA road closures
  • Geotechnical ground investigation.
  • Excavation and clearance works
  • Culvert installation
  • Headwall construction
  • Resurfacing works to the highway
  • Reinstatement to the soft verges.
  • Inspection and testing of the new assets.

Key Project Challenges

  • Administration of the NEC3 ECC, short contract
  • Working within a community environment.
  • Traffic management, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Limited operating space through out the operations.
  • Environmental protection to the existing receptor.
  • Management of temporary works

How we successfully delivered the project

We undertook ECI with all stakeholders and developed a concise strategy to deliver the scheme on time and within budget. We also engaged 
with the Chief Engineer to contribute with the design of the scheme.

Our upfront engagement enabled the project team to manage the risks and opportunities associated and introduce low carbon products.

We implemented our 4 levels of project planning and compiled detailed safe systems of works to ensure the programme dates could be achieved in line with client requirements and commercial constraints of the contract. Weekly collaborative production meetings were undertaken to ensure that the end user, client and our direct teams understood their roles and responsibilities.

Our experienced local team used our Procore project management software to automate many of the contract and workflow processes, supporting transparency and collaboration with the client, project team and designers.

Added value and social impact

  • 100% Directly delivered by locally employed staff.
  • Collaborative charity works engaged with our project stakeholders.
  • 2 work experience placement provided.
  • 10/10 customer satisfaction score.