PET MRI, University of Sheffield

  • Form of Contract

    Form of Contract

    JCT Design & Build

  • Client


    University of Sheffield

  • Architect


    Castle Owen

  • Engineers


    Castle Owen

  • Programme


    18 Weeks

  • Completion


    December 2020

Works Scope

This was a high profile, critically important project for the city, the first PET MRI facility for the Neuroscience and Serious Disease Faculty.

The design and construction of the ground floor of the PET MRI building was located on a busy blue light traffic area of the Sheffield Hallamshire Teaching Hospital.

Works included the creation of an associated office and laboratory, new toilet and welfare facilities, complex mechanical and electrical installations, together with a new plantroom installation on the roof.

All of the works listed above were undertaken whilst the upper floor containing the MRI scanner (electromagnetic field) was in operation and serving visiting patients.

Detailed logistics plans and the timing of deliveries outside normal working hours, minimised impact in the city centre and hospital grounds.

Key Project Challenges:

  • Live hospital environment to all four sides of the building.
  • Sensitivities of an operational MRI Scanner.
  • Services and IT integration.
  • Safe delivery on a logistically complex acute hospital site.
  • Affordability, delivery within the project budget.
  • Undertaken during Covid Pandemic.

How we successfully delivered the project

We undertook early engagement with all stakeholders to de-risk the project and support value based outcomes to address potential risks.

This included engaging with the Trust, University and equipment manufacturers to understand the tolerances of the equipment.

Our team used 4Projects project management software to automate many of the contract and workflow processes, supporting transparency and collaboration with the client, project team and designers.

  • Stakeholder engagement plans ensured all objectives were considered.
  • Detailed logistic plans, maintained critical blue light routes.
  • Compliance with local hospital hygiene requirements and security.

Added value and social impact:

  • SROI £82k
  • 100% of waste recycled
  • All supplier payments within 30 days
  • 95% of subcontracts placed locally
  • 36 apprentice weeks supported
  • 1 work experience placements provided
  • 8/10 customer satisfaction score