Peterborough Station

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    18 Weeks

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Britcon Engineering Services were delighted to have been selected by Carillion for the structural steelwork requirements of the project comprising fabrication and installation of 2 footbridge spans, 4 lift towers, 2 staircases, 3 ramped footbridge spans and 5No platform buildings.

Britcon Engineering were awarded this prestigious contract in September 2012 after being involved at the pre-contract design / development stage, working alongside Carillion's design coordinator and the responsible engineer's TATA.

Engineering Services were proactive throughout the project assisting Carillion with Value Engineering and Design Issues. During this stage of the works we identified numerous areas where the design could be modified to save time and add value, one of these being the re-design of the Parcels Bridge Ramp Structure.

The project started in April comprising construction of two new platforms on the west side of the station for use by trains travelling on east-west routes, freeing up the existing platforms for north-south services. The original ramp structure had been designed as 50% reinforced cast in-situ concrete walls, in-filled then capped in a concrete slab and 50% steel truss covered bridge span. At a design review meeting we suggested that this structure be re-designed by replacing the large reinforced concrete ramp structure, together with its associated foundation with another bridge span.