Stanton Energy Anaerobic Digestion Plant, Ilkeston

  • Form of Contract

    Form of Contract

    JCT Design & Build

  • Client


    HoST & Stanton Energy

  • Project Manager

    Project Manager

    Erik Lubbers

  • Principal Desginer

    Principal Desginer


  • Programme


    32 Weeks

  • Completion


    March 2022

Works Scope

Working in partnership with HoST and Stanton Energy, Britcon was appointed to construct an Anaerobic Digestion Plant, which was designed to produce over 3.5 million Nm3 of biomethane to sustain the Gas to Grid Green initiative.

Britcon was employed as the Design and Build partner and responsible for the Principal Contractor role throughout the project.

Being responsible for the design and build of a new containment bund and location of a watercourse was an extremely challenging and highly regulated constraint.

Key Project Challenges

  • Managing the Construction and Commissioning phases with a multi-disciplined and multi-national team.
  • Design and build of new containment bund.
  • Location of watercourse.
  • Highly-regulated project constraints.

How we successfully delivered the project

Being appointed Principal Contractor gave our operational management team the opportunity to apply our ‘Project Custodians’ and the ‘Britcon Way’ strategy to an extremely high standard.

This involved project managing the construction and commissioning phases with multi-disciplined (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Process Engineers) and multi-national engineering teams.

  • Principal Contractor - Design and Build
  • Expert consultation and guidance
  • Pre-cast concrete retaining walls
  • Impermeable membrane
  • New Structural Steel boiler building
  • In-situ reinforced concrete
  • Customer satisfaction testaments from client and design teams
  • Project completed in line with specifications, guidance & permits
  • Utilised best available techniques