USAR Building

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    Commercial / Industrial

  • Duration

    40 Weeks

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  • Overview

The Urban Search and Rescue Centre known as the USAR building constructed by Britcon includes a specialist training rig, offices, classrooms, showers, washrooms, toilets and space for kit storage and refreshments.

It is part of an overall development of .3 million which has facilities to allow the firefighters to practice heavy rescues from road, rail and aircraft incidents.

Works included a water sump, installed for rescues from partially submerged vehicles and railway lines for practising rail related emergencies. The complex has a CCTV system which means the team can play back footage from exercises to assess their performance.

West Yorkshire's USAR team, which is on call for regional and national emergencies, was based at Cleckheaton Fire Station but began moving on to the new site shortly before Christmas 2009.

West Yorkshire Chief Fire Officer Simon Pilling said: "Our USAR capability has gone from strength to strength in recent months, with the introduction of a search and rescue dog, also funded with central government support, and the opening of this splendid training facility.