VOSA Gillingham

  • Sector

    Commercial / Industrial

  • Duration

    26 Weeks

  • Location


  • Form of Contract

  • Overview

Britcon were appointed as Principal Contractor to construct 14 HGV testing stations throughout the UK. The Gillingham project was the second centre to be reconstructed.

Works at Gillingham comprised the demolition of the existing steel frame heavy goods vehicle test hall together with the single storey offices and construction of a new centre together with two storey office accommodation.

The project maintained the existing vehicle maintenance pit positions and associated access whilst all other structures were demolished and a four lane Test Hall and two storey office facility constructed.

All undertaken within a major Partnering arrangement with VOSA worth £40 million over 4 years. Contracts utilized during the development of this award winning framework comprised PPC2000, BeCollaborative and lastly JCT Constructing Excellence where much of the Risk management examples are based upon Britcon documentation developed during this award winning framework.