VOSA Kidderminster

  • Sector

    Industrial / Commercial

  • Duration

    28 Weeks

  • Location


  • Form of Contract

  • Overview

Whilst undertaking a national framework of extension and refurbishment projects for VOSA, Britcon were awarded a PPC2000 Partnering contract for the demolition and rebuild of Kidderminster GVTS.

The £1.2 million contract was awarded on a 2 stage VFM quality / price evaluation. Client concerns over a tight budget and timescales lead to Britcon's appointment as Constructor within a GMP contract.

Not only was the project delivered on time but our Value Engineering approach achieved £100,000 of savings on the GMP budget which was reinvested in further development of the scheme.

Despite difficult site conditions and constraints and a challengingly short construction period, the new GVTS was opened on time and with significant public and press exposure.