Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Training Facility

  • Sector

    Blue Light

  • Duration

    24 Weeks

  • Location


  • Form of Contract

  • Overview

Britcon have recently completed the construction of a replacement for the existing training facility at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services Beaver Hill Site, Sheffield.

The facility caters for the training needs of the SYFR Service by providing a 'hot smoke' facility. Within the new facility both carbonaceous and gas/oil burning occur and as such the structure and its individual components are designed to accommodate the repeated exposure to the heat and flames generated by the buildings intended use. Within the carbonaceous burning areas a refractory lining is provided to the walls and ceilings for added protection.

The form of structure comprises a load bearing masonry building which should be designed to carry both vertical dead and imposed loads and lateral imposed loads safely to the ground.

The suspended floor slabs at first and second/roof levels comprise of in-situ reinforced concrete. A cantilever balcony is provided around the perimeter of the building at first floor level and is constructed using waterproof concrete. A basement structure is provided which is also be constructed from waterproof concrete. The selected concrete for all structural elements of the project comprises of dense durable mixes with low water cement ratio. Concrete mix designs are carefully selected to accommodate the repeated heating and cooling effects within the building and repeated wetting and drying generated by the fire fighting process.

A flat section of roof is provided across part of the building and a pitched concrete tiled roof structure is provided over the remaining area. The pitched tiled roof comprises timber rafters to provide 'loft style' space for training purposes.